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RCS Extraction Arm

The RCS self-supporting extraction arm is one of the most advanced and heavy-duty devices used for the capture of welding fume, grinding, or polishing dust, oil mist as well as many other air borne pollutants which can be a danger to human health or the production environment.


The RCS extraction arm has a unique construction with aluminium die cast parts lowering the total weight of the unit. Smooth tube construction and aluminium outside joints allow for a low pressure drop, low noise level, easy maintenance, and remarkable long operational lifetime. RCS arm has nothing within the duct except for an air flow damper, compared to other arms which have internal supports, these contribute to increased resistance and build-up within the ducting. The RCS extraction arms come in a variety of different sizes and materials including stainless steel.

  • welding, grinding, oil mist, cutting, polishing, painting, packaging.

  • standard temperature resistance up to 80°C

  • recommended airflow range 1000-2000 m3/h

  • non-explosive and non-aggressive air pollution

  • all adjustments on the outside

  • aluminium hood with air diverter

  • grab handle all around the hood

  • aluminium hood joints

  • cast aluminium middle and swivel joints

  • aluminium and steel mounting swivel

  • smooth tubes

  • standard built-in air damper

  • black PVC flexible hoses (temperature resistance up to 80°C)

  • standard powder coating


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