RCS Dust Devil Junior

The RCS Dust Devil Junior is designed to control dry contaminants especially from welding and fine dust processes. The RCS Dust Devil Junior features 3 stage filtration with a metal mesh prefilter (spark-trap), main cartridge filter and HEPA filter. A standard manual or (timer option) pulse cleaning system is included to clean the main cartridge filter.

  • Dry dust and fume capture including, welding, polishing and more.

  • Easy to manoeuvre for changing circumstances.

  • Less downtime due to a quick and easy filter change system.

  • Filter cleaning system extends the life of filters resulting in cost savings.

  • Arms are supplied in various sizes to give adaptability to the workplace.

  • HEPA filtration for toxic contaminants such as weld fume.

  • Can be doubled up as an air purifier to provide clean air to the workplace.

  • Single RCS 160 arm is adaptable to most processes.

  • Self-supporting arm means the hood can be left in position without assistance.

  • Airflow gauge ensures operators are aware if there are any changes in the systems performance.

  • RCS supplied systems come with a logbook and commissioning cert ready for plug and play.

  • Full training is given by RCS on delivery of the unit ensuring operators know how to operate and maintain the Dust Devil Junior.

  • Airflow 1000m3/hr.

  • Aluminium impeller 1.1 KW Fan.

  • Three stage filtration.

  • Standard manual compressed air cartridge cleaning system.

  • 10 Litre compressed air tank.

  • Easy access dust drawers.

  • Simple filter maintenance and replacement.

  • Single RCS 160 arm.

  • Heavy duty welded and powder coated construction.


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