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iCue™ Connected Filtration Service

RCS in partnership with Donaldson, supply iCue™ Connected Filtration Service for dust collection, providing a variety of sensor options that enable operators to track the parameters that are most important to their unique operations.


The iCue™ service works with nearly all major brands of dust and fume collectors, and includes a variety of sensor options so you can track the performance metrics that are most critical to your operation. Machine data from each connected device is collected and sent to Donaldson’s secure cloud, where it is transformed into actionable insights that are available on your dashboard. This web-based dashboard displays the status of all dust collection equipment across your operation, and lets you configure alarm levels and notifications.

How To Buy

Work with the RCS team to answer any questions and take your order.

For more information or to discuss your individual requirements, Contact Us by clicking below.

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