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RCS Dust Devil Mini

The RCS Dust Devil Mini is designed to be a portable unit for the control of fume. The RCS Dust Devil mini features an easy to position, lightweight capture hood with a positioning magnet. For larger fabrications the Mini can be used for on torch extraction for those hard to reach areas.

The RCS Dust Devil Mini has high efficiency filtration where filter life is extended by the compressed air pulse cleaning facility.

Automatic start/stop: Provides optimum service- and lifetime, energy savings and minimum noise exposure.

Two suction levels: The Dust Devil Mini has a two-stage ON/OFF switch to give higher and lower suction levels.

  • Fume capture including welding.

  • On torch LEV.

  • Very portable unit allows the unit to be carried into different areas including going up and down stairs , transporting in vehicles to different sites etc.

  • Compressed air filter cleaning means cost savings from extending the filter life.

  • Can be supplied with a HEPA filter attachment for further increasing filter efficiency.

  • Can be supplied with different hoods to suit application including magnetic base for securing hood in awkward places.

  • Can be used as on torch extraction ensuring that the fume is being captured and eliminating the risk of incorrect hood positioning.

  • Large hose means that the unit can be placed on the ground while welding at height or placed in a storage space while carrying out welding.

  • Small size means that the unit can be used in smaller spaces and stored away safely when not in use.

  • Airflow 220m3/hr

  • 230V or 110V

  • Weight including filter 16.5kg

  • L x W x H ( 380mm x 340mm x 400mm )

  • Simple cartridge maintenance and exchange

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