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RCS Work Bench

The RCS Work Bench is a plug and go workstation equipped with a capture and filtration system which protects people from dry contaminants. The RCS Work Bench frame, made of heavy-duty square profiles, features a built-in downdraft hood, capture arm and aluminium radial impeller fan unit.

The downdraft capture hood and capture arm feature individual dampers to allow airflow adjustments. Captured contaminants are transported to the filter. The filter unit features a cartridge compressed air cleaning system which can be run manually or with an optional timer. The surface of the worktable has been coated with conductive corrosion protection and a grounding cable can be connected to the left or right side of the table frame.

The RCS Work Bench is offered with a revolving table for more productive work on smaller elements.

  • Dry dust and fume capture including grinding, welding, polishing and more.

weld bench.jpg
  • Downdraft bench reduces the requirement for human input when carrying out the process.

  • Dual capture sources mean less time positioning for operations.

  • Downdraft bench means reduced cleaning times on workbenches.

  • All in one plug and play unit.

  • Systems comes commissioned and supplied with logbook ready for use.

  • Heavy duty frame reduces the risk of damage to the table.

  • Full training provided by RCS on delivery so operators can operate and maintain the system.

  • Can be supplied with a revolving table to allow easier manipulation of workpieces.

  • Can be doubled up as an air-filtration system.

  • No requirement for make-up air as the units recirculates filtered air back into the workplace.

  • Airflow 1000m3/hr

  • Aluminium impeller 1.1 KW Fan

  • Rigid, heavy duty, welded steel construction

  • Downdraft with-in the table surface.

  • Easy to adjust airflow with two built in dampers.

  • Standard manual compressed air cartridge cleaning system.

  • RCS 160 Capture Arm.


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